Thursday, January 9, 2014

Luke 4:14-22

I hear God's word but I realize I take it for granted!  Living in a world were I can freely believe and worship makes me forget what it was like living during the life of Christ. 

Not everyone was on board that Jesus was God. With that in mind, I can imagine God, excuse my language, pissing people off. Evidently, He just read an old testament scroll that described the Messiah and then he closes the scroll and tells people, He is the Messiah. 

Three words struck me when I read this passage: conviction, confidence, and courage. 

Jesus did not mince words. He knew he was God and did not make any excuses or water down His message. 

Confidence: Since God had conviction- he also had confidence.  He delivered His message without caring what others thought.  

Courage:  Jesus was not afraid.

Lord, may I also have courage, confidence, and courage when it comes to living my faith. I give you my cowardliness and pray for holy boldness. 

Much love, Trisha 

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