Thursday, January 9, 2014

Luke 4:14-22

I hear God's word but I realize I take it for granted!  Living in a world were I can freely believe and worship makes me forget what it was like living during the life of Christ. 

Not everyone was on board that Jesus was God. With that in mind, I can imagine God, excuse my language, pissing people off. Evidently, He just read an old testament scroll that described the Messiah and then he closes the scroll and tells people, He is the Messiah. 

Three words struck me when I read this passage: conviction, confidence, and courage. 

Jesus did not mince words. He knew he was God and did not make any excuses or water down His message. 

Confidence: Since God had conviction- he also had confidence.  He delivered His message without caring what others thought.  

Courage:  Jesus was not afraid.

Lord, may I also have courage, confidence, and courage when it comes to living my faith. I give you my cowardliness and pray for holy boldness. 

Much love, Trisha 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Multiplication of the loaves

Tonight my husband and I were discussing today's gospel. I shared when I meditate on this particular gospel, I always come up with the same meditation which is when we give our gifts to God- it doesn't matter how small, God will multiple them and when we use them for others, He will completely multiply them. 

Now my husband's mediation definitely struck me. He shared, when we come across some kind of difficulty or adversity where do we turn? 

The disciples did not look to Jesus- they saw a problem without an answer. Where as their answer was right in front of them- Jeaus!  

Jesus when I have a problem, may I be quick to turn to You. 

Much love, Trisha 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Fidelity of St. Joseph Matthew 1:18-25

There is one rockstar who doesn't say a word in scripture and that's St. Joseph.  From the beginning his virtuous character shined.  He protected Our Lady's honor by not exposing her pregnancy even before he knew she was caring God's baby.  He also showed obedience and trust in God's plan for his life.  When the angel of God appeared to him, he did not hem and haw or debate whether or not his dream was from God.  He acted and took Mary as his wife.  

St. Joseph please pray for our friends and family.  Help us to always trust God especially with the most intimate details of our lives.  When we doubt God's plan for our lives, may we turn to Jesus and recommit our lives to trusting Him.  Amen

Much love,

Resolution: When I am doubting God's plan for my life, with St. Joseph turn my heart and say the aspiration, "Jesus I trust in You."

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Some Family Tree Matthew 1:1-17

I'm not a bible scholar so when I hear this gospel I usually tune out.  Except something recently caught my ear.  I'm guessing it's not an original idea, but a couple of people stood out to me. 

David sees this woman bathing outside and lusts after her, so he takes her for his own. This woman was one of David's military guy's wife.  She ends up getting pregnant and when David can't cover it up, he has her husband murdered. 

The son ends up being King Solomon.  God blesses Solomon and gives him wisdom.  Solomon is blessed despite where he came from.  God did not punish him for his father's sins.

Even after major mortal sins: adultery and murder, God still brings tremendous good.  Lord, if I were you, I would not have found favor with the illegitimate son.  Thank goodness Your ways are not my ways.  

Ruth was the other person listed in the genealogy.  During that time women were seen as second class citizens and Ruth was not a Jew, she was a Moabite.  Jews did not associate with Moabite's.  
Once again Lord, You are showing me Your ways are far above our ways.

By simply adding them to the genealogy it speaks volumes about mercy and once again bringing great goodness, after great evil.

Jesus show me how to see as your see, to think as you think and most importantly, love as you love.  

Much love,

Resolution: Seek You Holy Spirit as I walk through my day.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's Not as it Appears Matthew 17:9a, 10-13

Initially this gospel stumped me but a light bulb turned on.  It was prophesied that Elijah will coming again before the Messiah.  

People who were familiar with the biblical prophesies were literally looking for Elijah. However, what or who God meant was John the Baptist. Yet the religious people missed the boat because John the Baptist wasn't who they were looking for. Unfortunely, that would be the only time the scribes and Pharisees missed the boat and the second time would be a much bigger error. They did not recognize Jesus as the One who was to come because he did not come in the package they accepted. 

They were looking for an earthly king dressed in fine linen. They were not expecting the Messiah to come as a newborn baby born in a manager. 

The elders were bling to Christ's coming because he was not wrapped in packaging they recognized. 

Lord, I pray for the grace to see as you see and not miss blessings in my life because they are not wrapped in packaging I would like.  Thank you Jesus!  Much love, 

Resolution: examine a difficulty in my life
or something I am complaining about and ask God if it just may be a gift from Him. Jesus help me to see as you see. Amen! 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Create a Clean Heart in Me Oh God Matthew 11:16-19

Jesus, I know I can get into a funk and see everything around me in a negative light.  On those my days, my husband stays clear of me. Lord, he is usually gets the brunt of my negativity.  The problem is not only my eyes but my heart too.  When I'm negative, I know I'm lacking gratitude.  

Jesus I first need to be grateful to you for dying on the cross for love of me.  I also need to be grateful for my life and my family.  I often feel like the Israelites gripping about anything and everything.  Their bad attitude made them wonder for 40 years in the desert.  I don't want to miss the promise land because I am in ingrate.

Jesus, I sorry for not seeing the gifts in my life and ask your forgiveness for my lack of gratitude.  I pray for the grace to be grateful.

Much love,

Resolution:  When I'm complaining think of Jesus on the cross and thank him for dying for love of me and thank Him for my life.  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Holy Spirit is Working Over Time

God you never seize to amaze me.  Your plan for salvation history is so simple yet profound. From all eternity you knew our first parents would blow it and You knew You would send Your own Son, Jesus.  You fashioned our dear Mama Mary with virtue, grace, and of course she is sinless. Her beauty will always surpass any women because she is full of grace.  She would be the vehicle You would use to bring Your Son into this world.  

Dear Holy Spirit you must have been working overtime in Mary's life.  You were there when the Angel Gabriel visited and also when the Angel sent Mama Mary to her cousin Elizabeth's.  It was through You, Holy Spirit that showed Elizabeth that Mary was God's mom.

Holy Spirit may I be open to You as Elizabeth to recognize your promptings.  You brought Elizabeth and Mary together as well as Jesus and John.   I pray that You would bring people in my life that bring Christ to me and I would bring Christ to other.  Much love, Trisha

Resolution:  I will speak to someone about Jesus' love tomorrow.